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Unveiling the Possible Causes of Stretch Marks

stretch mark treatment

stretch mark treatment

You should want to know the possible causes of stretch marks. This is because anyone can get them, even men and kids. Knowing its causes may help you explore possible preventive measures and treatment options.

There is really only one top direct cause for these skin tears or scars. When a person rapidly grows in size, the skin also stretches rapidly. If the inner skin tissues are unable to cope with the rapid expansion, they may tear and form into streaks. This is why growing teens, pregnant women and weightlifters are most prone to developing these skin scars. The streaks may appear on fatty areas such as the buttocks, thighs and abdomen. Their initial color may be reddish or purplish. After sometime their color may change to silver or white. At this point, it may already be too hard to try to get rid of them.

Sometimes, there are other causes of stretch marks mentioned. Some authorities in the field of skin care point out that the tendency to have the marks may be determined partly by heredity. Hormonal factors may also play a role in the development of these unsightly streaks. The influence of heredity and hormones may be the reason why some people have worse looking streaks than others. This also explains why some people don’t develop marks even when they rapidly expand.

It is also worth noting that bad lifestyle habits and poor hydration may make stretch marks worse. You can take better care of your skin by eating right, sleeping well and drinking lots of water.

Knowing the possible causes of stretch marks is well worth your while. If you are careful, you may be able to prevent the streaks from appearing on your skin.

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Can You Get Rid of Stretch Marks? Solutions to Consider

stretch mark treatment

stretch mark treatment

The question on a lot of people’s minds is: Can you get rid of stretch marks? Some say you can while others say you can’t. There is absolutely no harm though in simply trying. You might even succeed at your attempt. Here are three solutions you might want to try:

Proper Nutrition

Streaks on the skin appear when you rapidly increase in size. There are a number of factors that may affect the likelihood of rapid tearing. Some point out though that people may be more prone to getting streaks due to weak elastin and collagen tissues. It has therefore been suggested that eating nutritious food and drinking lots of water may be keys to strengthening skin tissues.

Exercise and Massage

Can you get rid of stretch marks only through proper nutrition? Some say that this is not possible. To help the right nutrients do their job, you would have to ensure proper blood circulation. This is the only way for nutrients to reach all your cells and tissues. Exercise and massaging the area with the streaks have been recommended as possible ways to improve circulation.

Creams and Lotions

You may not always be able to get all the nutrients that you need through food. Hence, you may need additional help from nourishing and moisturizing creams and lotions. The best of these products contain real natural vitamins such as E and A that have been known to promote skin health, elasticity and strength.

Can you get rid of stretch marks? You may be able to. These however, are only some of the possible solutions you can try. You might have to look for even more solution options that may work better on you.

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Breast Stretch Marks During Pregnancy- Having Them Treated

stretch mark treatment

stretch mark treatment

Not every woman gets breast stretch marks. There are some points in a woman’s life though when these streaks are most likely to appear. One of these times is during pregnancy.

Normally, pregnant women can expect more than just rapid abdominal growth. It is also natural for them to experience overall body growth. The arms, hips, thighs, buttocks and breasts may bloat too. In the case of breast expansion, it is not merely due to weight increase. The breasts of expectant mothers and those who have just given birth may also rapidly expand in preparation for milk production and infant feeding.

The streaks on such a prominent part of the female anatomy can be awful to look at. This is why many would easily choose to have breast stretch marks removed. The question is whether there are any good treatment options for pregnant women. As most of us already know, those who are pregnant should be doubly careful with product use. Some ingredients may be unsafe for expectant mothers.

Before you try anything out, take the time to evaluate a product. It must be certified safe for use during pregnancy. Usually, safe products are those that contain natural ingredients and nutrients. With proper and consistent use, they can help with the optimum development of collagen and elastin which are essential for skin health and strength.

You may or may not develop breast stretch marks. To be on the safe side though, it would be a good idea to use a good natural product even before your pregnancy becomes obvious. Having your marks treated early can help ensure better treatment chances.

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