Many weight lifters are surprised to learn that quick muscle gain can cause stretch marks. Most of us think of pregnancy or extreme weight gain causing them, but working out can cause them too. So why does it happen and what about stretch mark removal?


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Here’s what┬áhas to say:

“Stretch marks occur when the elastic middle layer of skin called the dermis is stretched. Stretching leads to a breakdown of connective tissue, inflammation, and then scar formation as the injury heals. It’s the scarring that causes stretch marks to appear. Stretch marks are common during puberty and rapid growth spurts in adolescence (they typically heal by the late teens or early 20s), pregnancy, excessive weight gain and obesity, when muscle mass increases rapidly and stretches the skin (like during bodybuilding), and sometimes when individuals use topical or high doses of ingested steroids for many weeks or months. Stretch marks are not a health risk but can be cosmetically unappealing.”

It’s not easy to prevent them, but there are effective ways to get rid of stretch marks. ┬áThe least invasive approach is to use the best stretch mark creams. One of the more popular creams is TriLASTIN SR.

Here’s a review you might appreciate from the TriLASTIN SR website:

Trilastin Before and After

I am a 17 year old athletic active girl. For a while I have had stretch marks but didnt know what to do about them to get rid of them. I tried mederma but that didnt work. I have been using trilastin for a few weeks now and I quickly have seen an improvement! The marks arent very red anymore and I hope they almost completely disapear. Trilastin has made me feel more confident about my body and hopefully I will feel comfortable this summer wearing a bathing suit. I wish I found this product sooner so I wouldnt be cutting it so close to the summer season! Thank you tri lastin! I just wish it wasnt so expensive!

Bryce (May 2011)


Watch this short video to see some amazing results:

Consider a stretch mark cream like TriLASTIN SR.
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