The cause of stretch mark is very simple, the over expansion or excessive stretching of the skin. A stretch mark is actually a scar not on the skin but beneath the skin on the dermis layer. The dermis is the mid-layer of the skin. It is made up of three things: water, elastin fibers and collagen. It is responsible of maintaining the form and shape of the skin. As the skin expands, the fibers making up this layer may start to tear thus producing scars that appear on the top most layer of the skin.

Cause of Stretch Mark

The stretching of the skin can be attributed to many different factors.


Obviously when a woman is pregnant, her belly grows more than twice its normal size. This is one of the reasons why many pregnant women develop stretch marks on their abdomen. Their breasts also increase in size and are susceptible to developing stretch marks.

Normal Growth

Naturally when growing up, the skin also stretches. This may lead to stretch marks in teens. Most commonly stretch marks are found in the thighs, buttocks and hips of teenagers.

Other Factors

Many other factors can contribute to the development of stretch marks. Obese people, whose skin expands more and more as they put on weight usually, develop stretch marks. Men and women who weight lift may also develop stretch marks over time as they bulk up. Some believe that stretch marks are caused by an increase of the hormone glucocorticoids, which affects the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis.

There many possibilities for the cause of stretch mark in a person. This common skin problem should not be feared because with the new technology today, there are many ways that one can be rid of these annoying marks.

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