stretch mark treatment

stretch mark treatment

You might be one of the many who is still wondering if there is a cure for stretch marks. Many people who have found solutions for the skin condition claim that it truly is possible to fix the problem. The truth though is that not everyone can be completely cured of the condition.

Anyone can get these marks or streaks on the skin. It is typically caused by the skin stretching too rapidly due to natural growth or weight gain. When the skin is no longer able to withstand the stretching, the underlying tissues break and form streaks. Initially, you may notice these as purplish lines. After a few months though, the streaks will become silver lines.

Since the streaks are really tissue scars, you may not be able to find an effective cure for stretch marks. Scars, by their very nature are difficult to eliminate. The difficulty with treating them is further compounded by unique conditions in various individuals. This simply means that unique hormonal, genetic and skin factors may affect how individuals develop marks and how they react to treatment. In other words, you may or may not see positive results by using solutions that have worked for others.

It is therefore important to always maintain realistic expectations when it comes to skin treatment. Even aggressive laser therapy or surgery may not be able to completely restore your flawless skin. Even if there is no absolute cure for stretch marks though, you shouldn’t lose hope. There is actually a less expensive solution that can at least lessen the appearance of your streaks.

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