When the skin is tough or sagging, the pressure or weight makes it stretch a lot more than it should. This causes damage in the connective tissue and the skin tears and eventually scars. The result is the formation of stretch marks. There are treatments that can eliminate or reduce the appearance of stretch marks. However, there are good treatments as well as bad ones. We need to apply those that are safe effective.

There are different kinds of stretch marks. There are those that are easier to treat, which are the lightly colored ones. Then there are others that are reddish, purplish or pink in color and are bumpy in texture—these are naturally more difficult to treat. There are products today that are only designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and make them “blend in” more with the rest of the skin. However, these products do not target the core problem. Creams are most effective when they contain good ingredients. Components of what’s “good” in a solution include “potent, natural and safe.” Creams that contain natural ingredients like squalene oil, grape seed extract and Aloe Vera are very effective because they act immediately on the skin and are still safe to use.

Potent ingredients like grape seed extracts and other essential oils are known to effectively treat stretch marks because they are concentrated plant derivatives. They are rich in nutrients, healing properties and anti-bacterial properties. This helps protect skin from further damage while nourishing it to maintain suppleness and overall health. On the other hand, there are other natural ingredients that can be absorbed well by the skin and help other ingredients become more effective as well. One such ingredient is squalene oil, which is also found in plants. Squalene oil is very closely related to human sebum, which makes it perfectly safe for skin application. Finally, you’d want to use a product that has soothing properties like Aloe Vera, so that there is no stinging or any harsh sensation after application. The right way to treat stretch marks is by using an effective combination of ingredients.

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