We all don’t want stretch marks to affect our social lives. We don’t have to resort to wearing winter clothes during summer! So here are ways to wear clothes in 3 different occasions or social settings.

1: The Beach

If you’re concerned about swimwear, know that it’s not only 2-piece swimsuits that are in fashion. One-piece swimsuits are just as trendy these days. If you have stretch marks on your chest area, purchase a one-piece with a haltered, “turtleneck” cut. Many swimmers actually wear this style. If you have stretch marks on your waist and hip area, get a one-piece with a stylish V-neck cut. You have many options here. If you have stretch marks on your butt area and thighs, you can wear a 2-piece with boy-cut bottoms. For other beach clothing, you can use sarongs over a tank top to cover up stretch marks while not making you look like a spring roll.

2. The Formal

If you’re attending a formal event where almost every other woman is wearing a gown, you don’t always have to follow the crowd. If you don’t want to wear a gown or dress because of your stretch marks, you can always wear a tailored suit for women. Pair it with a silk or chiffon top underneath and pearl jewelry for that feminine touch. You may also wear tailored pants with a babydoll top finished off with dazzling jewelry and heels for a formal look.

3. The High School Dance

Okay so it’s almost mandatory to wear a dress to the high school dance if you’re a girl. Tailored suits will look too mature. There is still a way to hide your stretch marks. Since long dresses are trendy again, make use of them. You don’t have to buy a dress with sleeves. You can always throw over an elegant shawl or wear your hair down in waves/curls to hide stretch marks in the back or arm area. You may also wear short dresses with stockings and pumps, which is a very trendy combination.

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