Everyone knows stretch marks are no fun at all. They stop us from going to the beach or to any social event. They make us feel overly self-conscious. They can even make us feel depressed. You should know that stretch marks could be easily treated. One of the most effective ways of treating stretch marks is through exercise. Now you don’t have to spend your whole time on a boring treadmill. There are 4 things you can use to exercise and have fun!

The Hula-Hoop

Using a hula-hoop is a great whole-body exercise that can make you sweat and maintain a healthy body weight while having fun! For beginners, place the hoop around your waist area. Swing it with your hand and release. Try to keep the hoop at mid-section by moving your hips in a circular motion. As you go along you can try hula-hooping with your arm — some people can do it with their leg!

The Trampoline

Doing trampoline exercises encourage overall body fitness but more importantly body fluid circulation. Good blood flow means nutrients will be able to reach the skin effectively. This means empowering the skins healing properties and repair functions. This also means the flushing away of toxins, which make it hard for skin to heal properly and therefore makes skin scar easily.

The Jump Rope

Jump roping has similar benefits of doing trampoline exercises as it improves blood flow while you’re jumping up and down. It is also a great strength-training exercise that improves stamina and endurance, so in the long run, you get to maintain a healthy weight. Rapid weight gain is one cause of stretch marks, so healthy weight maintenance is a must.

Hand Massage Tool

This isn’t really an exercise tool but it does improve blood flow. Who doesn’t like a massage? You can give yourself one with a hand massage tool and reduce stress and muscle tension. When skin is too tough, it is less flexible and can therefore tear and scar easily. The less tension you have throughout the bed, the less likely you are to get stretch marks.

In conjunction with using these tools, you can also apply a natural stretch mark cream to help lose your stretch marks.  We recommend Revitol as it is very effective and contains only natural ingredients.

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