Stretch marks are things we don’t like to see everyday in the mirror. Fortunately, stretch marks can be prevented with just 3 simple exercises.

Exercise 1: Stretching

Before and after any workout, you should stretch your body to condition it make it more flexible. Stretching prevents injury from physical activity as well as releases stress. Try to stretch every muscle group in your body. Clasp your hands high up above your head with your index fingers pointing upwards while relaxing your shoulders. Inhale, and when you exhale, gently bend your upper body to the right and breath smoothly while counting to 5. Repeat when bending to the left. There are so many other types of stretching that can help prevent stretch marks. Try yoga and breathing exercises.

Exercise 2: Walking

A daily walk is considered adequate for good health. Brisk walking and jogging can help improve blood circulation considerably. All you really have to do is set a realistic goal, then increase the intensity week after week. You need to keep challenging yourself to maintain a fit body. When you have good blood circulation, you’ll be more flexible and your skin stays supple.

Exercise 3: Strength Training

Some people avoid strength training due to a fear that they will get a weight lifters stretch marks. While its true you can get stretch marks weight lifting, its not true that you get them just because youre strength training. You need to do it the right way to prevent stretch marks. Athletes get stretch marks because their muscles expand so rapidly, and the skin is unable to catch up. Do some squats, crunches and push-ups to work different muscle groups. The key is to increase the intensity gradually. Strength training helps tone up the muscles, so that skin stays firm. Remember, sagging skin is one cause of stretch marks, so exercise gradually and consistently to prevent them from developing.

As you can see, you don’t need complicated exercises to prevent stretch marks. If you’re planning to gain muscles or going through puberty, its best to use a special stretch mark cream at the same time.

Want to prevent stretch marks but too busy or lazy to exercise?  You may want to check out Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Cream.  It is a highly recommended and effective way to prevent stretch marks (even during pregnancy) and it reduces the appearance of already existing stretch marks.

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