Stretch marks can show up during puberty and when weight lifting however, they can be especially itchy during pregnancy. Many pregnant women complain not just about stretch marks but how itchy they can be on their belly area. Good thing there are things you can do to avoid itchy stretch marks.

First, you need to keep your skin hydrated by applying moisturizer regularly. If your skin is dehydrated, chances are the inner layers are tearing easily. When skin tears and is very dry, it tends to create an itchy sensation. What’s even worse is that they aggravate existing stretch marks. So moisturize daily and also drink lots of water. You may moisturize with home remedies such as olive oil and vitamin E solutions and Aloe Vera gel and vitamin E combinations.

Secondly, use a natural stretch mark cream to both treat and sooth your stretch marks. Natural creams tend to be safer to use because they have no chemical additives. Natural creams are known to be safe also because they are often highly compatible with the body and therefore reduces the likelihood of producing side effects. Choose natural creams that are reasonably priced. Those that are too cheap often contain lots of chemicals because the process they go through are more affordable to maintain. I personally recommend Revitol.

Third, simply stop yourself from giving in to the itchiness and keep your hands to yourself. Dont be tempted to scratch itchy stretch marks because they can get worse. Stretch marks are already forms of scars that the skin itself has created in attempts to do some repair work. Excessive scratching can develop more stretch marks since the affected areas are already very sensitive due to over-stretching. While there is no clear evidence of how scratching can develop or worsen stretch marks, it does seem to make matters worse if done excessively. If the itchiness becomes unbearable, use some soothing methods like apply powder, Vaseline or oil over the affected areas.

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