Stretch marks are a type of skin scarring linked to obesity, pregnancy, puberty and rapid muscle gain from bodybuilding and related physical activities. Stretch marks appear when the middle layer of the skin that preserves elasticity and shape is stretched over its limit. The consequence is breakage of connective fibers and disruption of collagen production. All these events eventually results in scarring. Laser is now being advertised for the removal of stretch marks. However, dermatologists usually first recommend non-surgical alternative treatments, as they are less invasive and safer.

Alternative 1: Exfoliating Products

Exfoliating products contain mild abrasive components such as sand and ground apricot seeds to get rid of dead skin cells. The supple, new skin that appears after exfoliation could slightly enhance the surface of the skin. When you exfoliate stretch marks, they appear smoother and less bumpy, so you somehow help them blend in with the rest of your skin. The only thing about exfoliation is that it does not remove stretch marks, rather, it can only reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Alternative 2: Chemical Peel

A chemical peel works by gradually peeling off the top layers of the skin. Chemicals are used to burn the top layers and reveal newer and younger-looking skin underneath. Although chemical peels border surgery, they are being frequently used in salons, spas and even at home through over-the-counter kits. An advantage to using a chemical peel is that results are more immediate compared to exfoliation. The disadvantage is that results are not guaranteed and may even be worse than the previous skin condition. Also, chemical peels can be painful. Finally, the still cannot remove stretch marks but rather reduce their look.

Alternative 3: Natural Creams

Creams that contain natural ingredients like Squalene oil, vitamin E, vitamin A, grape seed extract and Aloe Vera are great alternatives because they are powerful yet safe to use. Creams work gradually on stretch marks, and because most natural ingredients are highly compatible with the body, natural creams can be easily absorbed. They also contain natural soothing properties like Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Aloe Vera to help heal stretch marks from the inside out.

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