The use of laser surgery for stretch marks is a new method to get rid of the unwanted stretch marks on the skin. Stretch marks look like angry scratch marks that appear on the skin and may cause insecurity especially to women. The laser method is an alternative from the traditional gels and creams.

What is laser surgery for stretch marks?

Laser treatment is a new kind of method to get rid of stretch marks. It involves breaking up scar tissue until new skin cells can be produced. It also stimulates the production of collagen in the dermal layer to fill in stretch mark scars.

How is it done?

A laser light is carefully controlled by an expert over the area with stretch marks. There is no need to make any incisions or cuts. The laser has to be controlled well to reduce the risk of burning the skin from constant exposure to the laser. The laser will then break up scar tissue in the stretch mark to stimulate the production of new skin.

Does it work?

The effectiveness of laser surgery for stretch marks depends on how severe the marks are. Reddish marks are usually easily treatable. Stretch marks usually start with a red hue then later turn to an almost silver-like white. White marks are harder to treat because they are considered to be old scars. Other factors that also determine the effectiveness of laser therapy is genes and hormones.

Laser surgery for stretch marks has improved over time. Some patients who have undergone the latest kind of laser treatment for stretch marks have reported that their marks have improved by 30%-40% after the treatment.

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