New moms are often concerned with stretch mark removal. Though most women agree on the magic of pregnancy, few of them enjoy its aesthetic effect. Varicose veins and weight gain often come along with pregnancy and some new moms battle hair thinning and sagging skin. But the most common question from new moms is how to remove stretch marks.

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They may appear on the stomach, hips, breasts and buttocks– the areas of the body with the most fat cells. According to WebMd, up to 90 % of all women have them and they may be stubborn.

“Once they have passed the initial stage, when they are red or purple, to the later stages, where they become white or silver– often with deep indentations– they are much more challenging to treat.”

It’s crucial to treat the marks immediately with stretch mark cream or, for severe cases, with laser treatment.

Doctors know stretch marks as striae gravidarum. They usually appear after rapid weight gain or loss and are most common during pregnancy. A pregnant woman’s stomach swells as the baby grows making skin stretch. When this happens fast, the dermis tissue structures pull apart, which damages collagen and leaves scars that are pink, red, or purple.

Avoiding stretch marks isn’t easy, but there are excellent treatments to remove them. If you are satisfied with significant improvement, not a 100% cure, more invasive and expensive procedures like laser treatment and surgery won’t be necessary. For most people, the best option is an effective stretch mark cream. A very popular cream is TriLastin SR.

Trilastin SR Before and After

Here is a great review from the TriLastin SR website:

I wanted to take the time to write a review for TriLastin b/c I absolutely LOVE this product. Seriously, I LOVE IT. I purchased a tube of TriLastin SR a little over a month ago. I have to admit, I was a little discouraged that I didn’t see know, “OVERNIGHT RESULTS” but I kept with it. Within about 3 weeks, my stretch marks starting looking a lot better.

I spend a TON of time on my body, but after I had my 2 kids, my skin just wasn’t the same, and the excercise I am doing wasn’t getting the job done as far my skin goes. But now, thanks to the cream, my skin looks so much better. And, I can confidently wear a swimsuit, even though I had my daughter just 5 months ago! My skin is not PERFECT and I’m sure it won’t ever be 100% like it was before I had my 2 children, but the changes have been AWESOME. I’m so happy I gave TriLastin SR a chance!!!!!!

Ashley W

Some women opt for extreme measures like laser treatment and surgery when they feel the marks are very severe. Laser treatments are performed by a cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. The scarred skin is burned away with laser light to stimulate new skin growth. This process reduces the appearance of stretch marks, but costs thousands of dollars.

Unless the stretch marks are severe, the best option is a stretch mark cream like TriLastin SR.

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