You might be able to benefit from oil for stretch marks. There are however quite a number of choices when it comes to this option. Here are three that seem to stand out:

Emu Oil

Among its natural components are palmitic acid, omega 3 and omega 6. These are known skin strengtheners that promote cell regeneration. Aside from the benefits to the skin, emu oil can also help with cholesterol management. The major objection to this option though is that it is made from animal fat. Some products may also lack refinement during processing.

Coconut Oil

In the tropics, oil for stretch marks comes from the coconut. This oil type carries medium chain triglycerides that are crucial for maintaining the integrity of skin connective tissues. Aside from keeping the skin resistant to tearing, coconut oil can also protect the skin from infections. More research however is necessary to demonstrate its effects on stretch marks.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E has been known for the longest time as a prime promoter of skin health. The vitamin can penetrate into the dermis where it can stimulate the generation of new skin cells. It is because of this function that skin tissues become more elastic and firm, hence making stretch marks less likely to develop when the skin stretches. In other words, the vitamin goes well beyond being a mere moisturizer. Pure vitamin E is often integrated in powerful natural mixtures.

These are only some of your oil for stretch marks options. You may have to read more about each of them to find the best option for you.

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