It may have crossed your mind to get plastic surgery for stretch marks. Like a lot of other decisions though, this is not one that you can make lightly. Before you even consult a doctor, you should investigate on your own what it involves.

Strictly speaking, there is only one invasive surgical procedure for skin streaks. This procedure is commonly known as the tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. The objective of this procedure is not really to get rid of stretch mark signs. It is intended for getting rid of excess fat and skin below the abdomen region. This is to provide a more toned and firm abdomen. Since stretch marks are commonly found on the lower portion, they also get eliminated when a tuck is performed. Plastic surgery for stretch marks on other body parts may therefore not always be possible.

Since a tummy tuck is a major invasive procedure. Candidates have to be evaluated for fitness to undergo the procedure. Older individuals and those who are seriously sick may not be considered good candidates for this surgical procedure.

Even perfect candidates however are not always able to stay worry free. There are some side effects and risks involved with a tuck. As with every surgical option, some risks include scarring, bleeding, infection, blood clots and bruising. You can reduce the likelihood of these risks if you make sure that you have a qualified and reputable doctor.

Plastic surgery for stretch marks is not cheap. Moreover, there is no guarantee that your problem will completely go away. You may want to consider other options before choosing surgery.

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