Stretch Mark Treatment

Revitol Stretch Mark Cream

Two of the major causes of stretch marks in women are pregnancy and weight gain. Since stretch marks are essentially scars that are the effect of skin stretching, stretch marks are generally difficult to eliminate.

Why Are Natural Ingredients Better than Chemical or Synthetic?

Stretch marks in pregnant women are made even more difficult to deal with since synthetic and chemical treatment products can be potentially dangerous to the mother and the baby. For this reason, Revitol came out with a revolutionary product for stretch mark prevention. The Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention is as effective as any chemical or synthetic product but contains only natural ingredients making it safe even for pregnant and lactating women. This is the claim Revitol is willing to stand up to with their 100% money back guarantee offer.

What Can Revitol Do For Me?

stretch mark treatment

stretch mark treatment

Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention promotes higher production of collagen and elastin in the skin, effectively protecting the skin, healing scarred tissues and regenerating new, healthier skin. With consistent and appropriate use, Revitol can therefore reduce the appearance of stretch marks not by covering or hiding the marks but by healing stretch marks from the inside out.

How Does Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention Work?

Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention’s 100% natural ingredients synergistically work to decrease stretch mark appearance. The ingredients penetrate deep into the layers of the skin and promote the production of more collagen and elastin for stronger and firmer skin.

In particular, grapefruit seed extracts stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. The antioxidants in Revitol like Vitamins A, D and E also regenerates the skin. Skin-healing ingredients include DL-penthenol, aloe vera and squalene oil. Click here for more info.

How Do I Use Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention?

Like any skin-healing product, Revitol’s positive effects will only be observed after proper and consistent use. For prevention of stretch marks in pregnant women, use Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention before the stomach enlarges. The product is ideal for preventing signs of stretch marks that usually come in the later stages of pregnancy when the skin has expanded.

How Long Before The Results Are Noticeable?

The signs of healing and the positive results of Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention will depend on several factors. These include:

- The severity of the stretch mark condition
- The skin type
- How you consistently and properly use the product

The product may be used twice to thrice a day. The best time to use the product is after a warm shower just when pores are more likely to absorb the products natural healing ingredients. Spread a liberal amount of the product on the affected area and leave on for five minutes for complete absorption period before putting on clothes. In average cases, results may already be noticeable after two to five weeks of proper and consistent use.

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