stretch mark treatment

stretch mark treatment

A lot of people think highly of cocoa butter for stretch marks. This is most likely because for some individuals, the ingredient has truly worked wonders. Its main benefit seems to be its moisturizing properties. Its moisturizing effects promote skin elasticity which is necessary for the skin to withstand the rapid expansion that causes striae or stretch marks.

Some experts point out however that using cocoa butter may not always be enough. This is because the problem with striae goes well beyond the lack of skin moisture. A genuine product or remedy solution should also be able to address overall skin health. Thus, aside from skin moisture, cell generation and production should also be focused on. This has led some users to look for complements or alternatives to cocoa butter for stretch marks.

There are many natural ingredients that may be able to complement the benefits of cocoa. Ingredients such as grapefruit seed extract, squalene oil, vitamin E and vitamin A have all been known to promote skin cell and tissue regeneration and strengthening. This is what is especially required when dealing with existing striae. For the streaks to completely heal, cells must be generated anew.

Some users may prefer to use natural ingredients for the skin in their pure form. Others however may opt for product use in order to take advantage of a variety of mixed ingredients. If you do opt for product use, make sure you research on your product options carefully to get only the best for your skin.

Cocoa butter for stretch marks and other natural ingredients are indeed a gift from nature. If you want low cost and low risks solutions, you should try these natural options.

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