You may be using a cream for stretch marks. Despite having a good product, its possible that you still may not be getting good results. Its possible though that you may be using a product incorrectly. If you want to make the most out of a good skin cream, you should follow these tips:

Follow Instructions

Skin cream products often have recommended usage instructions to ensure their effectiveness. These instructions include how much should be used and when and how often a product should be applied. By following instructions and recommendations to the letter, you are increasing the likelihood that a good product will work for you.

Apply Consistently and Regularly

Getting rid of the streaks on your skin can take some time and effort. You would have to consistently and regularly apply a solution for it to truly work. Common sense will tell you that skipping some days or forgetting to use your cream for stretch marks will make it ineffective. Moreover, you may have to use a product for a long time before you can expect visible results. It is therefore important for you to be patient.

stretch mark treatment

stretch mark treatment

Use With Good Habits

A good product can do little for you if you are doing everything in your power to destroy your skin quality. To ensure best results, make sure you also eat nutritious foods, drink lots of water, exercise and moisturize your skin.

You should at least give your cream for stretch marks a chance to work. You may stand to benefit from it by using it properly.