You can try some creams for stretch marks for stubborn striae problems. Before you do though, there are a couple of important facts you should know first. Knowing these can help you understand how effective solutions work.

Fact 1: They are not all equal.

Many effective skin products contain nourishing vitamins and minerals. It is obvious though that some products are definitely better than others. This may be due to manufacturing standards or the mixture of ingredients used. To find out which ones are the best for your condition, you may have to research a bit. Read product information and search for user feedback in independent review sites.

stretch mark treatment

stretch mark treatment

Fact 2: Effective products have to be used regularly.

Effective creams for stretch marks do not work if used irregularly. To truly benefit from a product, you have to use it following a consistent schedule. Furthermore, you may also have to follow suggestions for specific periods of application and amounts to be applied. It is only when a product is used properly can you tell if it truly works.

Fact 3: The best creams can take time to work.

You can’t expect miracles even from the best products. Every single product used for striae has to be used over an extended period of time for it to work. Any product that claims to be able to solve your problem overnight is most likely a scam.

Creams for stretch marks have the potential to give you the skin of your dreams. For you to benefit from these products though, you need to find the best option that you can use regularly and consistently.

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