You’d be surprised by the number of cures for stretch marks. You simply have so many options when it comes to dealing with your ugly streaks. Before you pick your solutions though, you would do well to know the myths that surround these so called cures.

Myth 1: There is a common cure.

There is no single common cure for this skin condition. This is mainly because people differ in so many ways. Skin quality, age, hormonal activity and genetic inheritance are only some of the factors that can affect how peoples bodies respond to various stretch mark solutions. What may be effective for one may be ineffective in another.

Myth 2: Anyone can get rid of stretch streaks.

Not everyone can benefit from cures for stretch marks. Aside from the unique differences among individuals, the condition itself is not easy to treat. The streaks on your skin are really scars. Once they form, they may not heal even with aggressive treatment.

Myth 3: All treatment options are scientifically backed.

Many natural stretch mark products are not officially endorsed by the scientific community. A lot of research still has to be conducted to shed light on this skin condition and its possible solutions. Even so, this does not mean that no natural solution will work. Some product users will honestly testify to the effectiveness of some products.

These are only some of the myths surrounding cures for stretch marks. They are however, the top points to keep in mind when you are looking for your own solution.

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