Do You Really Want to Hide Stretch Marks?

It’s understandable why you may want to hide stretch marks. These ugly skin streaks can really ruin not just the appearance of your skin but your self-esteem as well.  If hiding is really your preferred strategy, there are a couple of options you can choose:

- The easiest way to hide the streaks is to cover up with clothing. Of course, this would mean not being able to wear low cut blouses, short skirts and bikinis.

- You can put makeup on the streaks. Some cheap brands however can easily rub off on clothing. Even expensive brands however can fade after a couple of hours on the skin.

- You can use miracle creams to hide stretch marks. These work by getting rid of blemishes quickly. They function in much the same way as makeup though. They just conceal skin problems without really fixing the problem.

Hiding your skin problem can save you a lot of frustration when it comes to looking for a good solution. On the other hand, hiding can also be a source of frustration. It may be a chore to have to constantly retouch your makeup. Not being able to wear what you want may also bother you.

An alternative option to hiding is using products and methods that work.  There is some hope that stretch mark problems can be fixed by natural product use, laser therapy and surgery.

You can hide stretch marks for as long as you can. A time will come though when hiding can just get too tiring.

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