New Moms Ask How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

New moms are often concerned with stretch mark removal. Though most women agree on the magic of pregnancy, few of them enjoy its aesthetic effect. Varicose veins and weight gain often come along with pregnancy and some new moms battle hair thinning and sagging skin. But the most common question from new moms is how to remove stretch marks.

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They may appear on the stomach, hips, breasts and buttocks– the areas of the body with the most fat cells. According to WebMd, up to 90 % of all women have them and they may be stubborn. Read the rest of this entry

Some people try to hide stretch marks with concealers and layers of clothes, but we all know that these are not a permanent solution. Others even decide not to go to the beach at all where they won’t be able to hide their stretch marks. For many of us affected by stretch marks, we know how hard it is just living with the skin pigmentation and raised bumps. Fortunately, stretch marks don’t have to be part of our lives forever. There are treatments for it, but it all starts from within. You need to have a bit of discipline to maintain healthy skin and prevent stretch marks from forming in the future. There are a couple of ways discipline can teach you hot to get rid of stretch marks fast and permanently. Read the rest of this entry

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With 3 Ingredients

When the skin is tough or sagging, the pressure or weight makes it stretch a lot more than it should. This causes damage in the connective tissue and the skin tears and eventually scars. The result is the formation of stretch marks. There are treatments that can eliminate or reduce the appearance of stretch marks. However, there are good treatments as well as bad ones. We need to apply those that are safe effective. Read the rest of this entry