You may want to try laser stretch mark removal to get rid of the streaks on your skin. Like every other possible solution though, there are some important points for you to bear in mind before you try it.

- Laser treatment is a non-invasive surgical procedure. Even so, there are some minor side effects that you should expect. You may experience bruising and a little swelling. You should also choose a reputable and expert practitioner. In the hands of the wrong doctor, you could end up with more skin damage.

- It will most likely take more than one session to adequately take care of your concern. Some people may have to return for six sessions or more. Laser stretch mark removal is not cheap so you have to be financially prepared. Some insurance companies also do not pay for this procedure because it is a cosmetic process.

- Even several sessions may not completely remove stretch marks. This may be because of genetic, hormonal or skin quality factors. Older silver marks may also be more difficult to eliminate. It is best to choose this procedure if the marks are fairly new.

- You cannot expect the procedure to prevent future marks from appearing. If you rapidly expand in size again, you may develop new streaks.

It isn’t a small matter to choose to undergo laser stretch mark removal. If this is the solution of your choice, you have to make sure that you can afford the time and cost that it requires.

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