Avoiding Stretch Marks- The Real Score

stretch mark treatment

stretch mark treatment

Its easy to imagine avoiding stretch marks. Doing it however is another story entirely. The truth is that this skin condition is tougher to prevent than you think. This is because the marks are caused by rapid weight gain. Many of us eventually put on some extra pounds at some point in our lives. You cant for example avoid growing bigger and heavier faster when you are pregnant or when you are in the adolescent stage.

Nonetheless, there may still be some hope for people who want to prevent getting streaks. The marks are essentially scars. Tearing happens when elastin and collagen can no longer withstand the rapid body growth. It therefore makes sense to try to strengthen these tissues as a way of avoiding stretch marks.

The first obvious step to ensuring strong skin tissues is proper hydration and nutrition. This simply means you need to drink lots of water and to eat more nutritious foods such as vegetables and low fat protein sources. Healthy drinking and eating habits can ensure optimum skin quality and strength to better withstand internal tearing.

You may also want to consider supplementing your healthy habits with topical skin nutrients. A good natural topical product with vitamins and minerals can do you good by supplying you with the right skin nutrients that you may not be getting enough of through your diet. Using a reputable skin product even before you develop skin tears can be one of the best preventive measures you can try.

It is true that avoiding stretch marks can be difficult. This doesn’t mean though that you should just give up on it. You can stop them if you tried hard enough.

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How to Avoid Stretch Marks Before Pregnancy

stretch mark treatment

stretch mark treatment

It is not a piece of cake to avoid stretch marks. This is especially if you become pregnant. Those unsightly streaks often appear when people rapidly gain weight. Once you start carrying another life in you, rapid weight gain is fairly unavoidable. Even so, there is some hope that you may be able to keep from getting the marks on your skin.

The first best course of action is to consult your doctor about weight gain and food intake. Most of the time, expectant mothers are advised to gain only about a little over 25 pounds. This means that even if you feel like binging, you may have to control your food urges to avoid stretch marks. It is not true that you have to eat everything in doubles just because you are expecting. Ask your doctor for safe food choices, portion control and eating schedules to keep your weight in check.

It may also help if you applied nutrient creams on your skin before and during pregnancy. Some vitamins such as E and A have been known to improve skin quality and strengthen collagen and elastin. These are the tissues you need to strengthen to prevent tears. Do make sure though that you choose a natural product that is specifically intended for use in pregnant women. Non-specific lotions and creams may contain ingredients that may be harmful to you and your baby.

You can only do so much to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy. Starting early and consistently with prevention however will most likely help you keep your skin in good shape.

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